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Fabric for custom swing skirts and the Betty Le Bonbon dress range - yes or no?

Which colour do you like most?

  1. turntotheleftfashion answered: Classic navy!
  2. ghoulieghoul answered: Pink! <3
  3. misschisi answered: Navy
  4. gothicfeverdream answered: navy and light blue
  5. helsbels7 answered: Yes the dark blue
  6. hooligan-uschi answered: I really like the dark blue, I feel like it would look better in dimmer lighting and make the anchors pop, yaknow, for dance parties :)
  7. inkiemama answered: YES!
  8. misplacedposts answered: Yes and yes, please!
  9. vendettarin answered: I like the middle one best but the last would probably look better as a skirt and the pink for a dress.
  10. bows-and-polkadots answered: yes!
  11. crimson-smirk answered: The pink is too cute!
  12. bettylebonbon posted this

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