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vintage lingerie sale

Sooooooo just FYI … all of the above lingerie? It’s 50% off as of August 1.

I can’t recommend the Lulu corselette enough - I wear the 38C, and any dress you’ve seen me in that’s figure-hugging is an occasion where I’m wearing my Lulu underneath. You need to wiggle a bit to pull it on (and off), but it’s totally comfortable to wear, gives you smooth lines (I had a friend compliment my stomach, of all things, when I was wearing it!), and it makes your tatas look amazing. I’m tempted to buy a back up, to be honest, because I’d be distraught if anything ever happened to mine.

The sale also includes 50% off all corsets (except their classic overbust and underbust lines).

What Katie Did.

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