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I eat my greens, sure, but I don’t own or wear nearly enough green. This must be remedied.

1. Emerald Green Evening Dress by Dig for Victory.

2. Full Circle Dress by Mills Design Co on Etsy.

3. The Ava dress by Pinup Couture.

4. The Happy Valley dress by Bernie Dexter clothing.

5. The Evelyn dress in green by Pinup Couture.

6. My First Picket dress from Modcloth.

Edit: belatedly realised it’s actually St Patrick’s Day. Appropriate post is appropriate! Must have been channelling my Irish side.

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  2. sheevra said: fyi - the Dig For Victory link should be digforvictoryclothing.c…. :) I ended up at some local food site ;P
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    Happy St. Patty’s Day
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    I want all of these! Birthday dress?
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    Green dresses for a green day. And this is the only thing St. Patrick’s Day-related I am going to do all day. So there.
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    I love green. I need more of it in my wardrobe. These dresses are amazing.
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