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"Dig For Victory! is a sustainable fashion label that creates one-off pieces from vintage fabric. From elegant harlequin dresses and classic prom frocks to cartoon print playsuits, Dig For Victory! celebrates the history of fashion embodied in a wealth of vintage textiles."

I have no words for how much I love this colour. My kitchen is decked out in it, as is my son’s bedroom, but when it comes to clothing, I’ve yet to commit. I think it’s time.

Again with the shape that is so flattering on curvy figures, and so perfect for pretty much any occasion. Except, perhaps, camping. A girlfriend asked me to go camping with her and her husband last year, and as excited as I was by the prospect, my immediate thought was ‘For the first time ever, I can say in earnest … I have nothing to wear.’

I have more Dig for Victory! posts coming up. Her designs are so beautiful, and the fabric choices are divine.

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